About us

TecLot Onlinehandel is an international wholesale company based in munich, germany.
We are specialized in the wholesale of apple iphones and samsung galaxy smartphones.
Our product-range is complemented by classic low-end mobile phones,
high-quality smartphone accessories and components.

We offer cur­rent smart­pho­ne devices, clas­sic low-end mobi­le pho­nes and high-qua­li­ty access­ories from renow­ned manufacturers.

We offer only exclu­si­ve­ly tes­ted, immedia­te­ly avail­ab­le stock items. Wit­hin the Euro­pean Uni­on we deli­ver wit­hin 24 hours.

Bene­fit from low mini­mum order quan­ti­ties too pro­fi­ta­ble who­le­sa­le con­di­ti­ons and individual
regu­lar cus­to­mer offers.

Our clients are Europe’s leading online-resellers, shop owners and professional exporters.
We value and maintain our long-term business relationships since 2009 and supply
annually customers with more than 30,000 smartphones and mobile phones.


All smartphones we offer go through a detailed 11-point test.
Of course, all devices are Simlock, iCloud, and Netlock-free.

Grade A:

  • very good used condition
  • almost per­fect dis­plays, free of not­ches and cracks
  • almost flaw­less back­co­ver & housing, free of not­ches and cracks
  • iCloud, Sim­lock, and Net­lock free
  • ful­ly functional

Grade B+:

  • good used condition
  • small traces of use on the dis­play, free of cracks
  • small traces of use on the back­co­ver & housing, free of cracks
  • iCloud, Sim­lock, and Net­lock free
  • ful­ly functional

Grade B:

  • average used condition
  • visi­ble signs of use on the display
  • visi­ble signs of use on the back­co­ver & housing
  • iCloud, Sim­lock, and Net­lock free
  • ful­ly functional

Grade C:

  • Accep­ta­ble used condition
  • clear­ly visi­ble signs of use on the display
  • clear­ly visi­ble signs of use on the back­co­ver & housing
  • iCloud, Sim­lock and Net­lock for free
  • ful­ly functional


You would like to become a customer of TecLot smartphone wholesale?

We want to get to know our customers in order to meet our high service standards.
Please fill out the registration form below and send it to us by e‑mail: mail@teclot.de



Plea­se regis­ter (here) for free and com­ple­te­ly without obli­ga­ti­on as a new cus­to­mer. Plea­se note that the sale is strict­ly limi­ted to tra­ders with a valid tra­de certificate.

After you have regis­tered as a new cus­to­mer, you will get access to our cur­rent Inven­to­ry and
pri­ce lists. Plea­se sub­mit your order by e‑mail to: mail@teclot.de
You will recei­ve your invoice as soon as the goods have been pre­pa­red for ship­ping. After
com­ple­te rece­i­pt of pay­ment, your order will be ship­ped wit­hin 24 hours.

The deli­very of your order is car­ri­ed out by our logistics part­ner TNT Express. After your order has been ship­ped you will recei­ve the ship­ping infor­ma­ti­on to track your par­cel online.

Wit­hin Ger­ma­ny, the deli­very of your order takes place the next working day befo­re 12 o’clock. Ship­ments wit­hin the Euro­pean Uni­on are deli­ve­r­ed wit­hin 2 working days by TNT Express.

The ship­ping cos­ts depend on the value of your order. For all orders with a value of up to: 4999.00 € wit­hin the Euro­pean Uni­on, the ship­ping cos­ts are flat­rate: 35.00 €. From a value of up to: 5000.00 € the ship­ping is free wit­hin the Euro­pean Union.

We accept pay­ments by bank transfer.

On used goods you get a 1 mon­th war­ran­ty. On new goods you will recei­ve a war­ran­ty of one year. For more infor­ma­ti­on about your war­ran­ty claims plea­se refer to our busi­ness terms and conditions.

We only sup­ply com­mer­cial dea­lers; All sales are the­re­fo­re without with­dra­wal. Returns can only be accep­ted if the goods are dama­ged. For more infor­ma­ti­ons plea­se refer to our busi­ness terms and conditions.

Plea­se note that we do not accept returns without pri­or agree­ment. For com­p­laints of any kind plea­se for­ward us immedia­te­ly upon rece­i­pt by e‑mail to: mail@teclot.de.

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Questions or suggestions? Give us a call!

Our team is available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 at:
Tel: 089 — 3608 9230 available.

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