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Do pri­ces inclu­de sta­tu­to­ry VAT?2020–12-14T05:19:12+01:00

We sell pro­ducts that are sub­ject to dif­fe­rent tax rules. Plea­se refer to the pro­duct infor­ma­ti­on pages in our online shop to find out which tax rule is rele­vant for each offer.

Dif­fe­ren­ti­al taxa­ti­on – Mar­gi­nal VAT: Devices that are sub­ject to dif­fe­ren­ti­al taxa­ti­on accord­ing to
§25a of the Ger­man VAT Law (Umsatz­steu­er Gesetz) are exempt from VAT. This app­lies to all domestic deli­ve­ries as well as deli­ve­ries wit­hin the Euro­pean Union.

Domestic deli­ve­ries: All orders with a deli­very address in Ger­ma­ny are sub­ject to 19% VAT. Goods cove­r­ed by dif­fe­ren­ti­al taxa­ti­on as defi­ned by
§25a of the Ger­man VAT Law (Umsatz­steu­er Gesetz) are exempt.

Intra-com­­mu­­ni­­ty deli­ve­ries: All orders with deli­very addres­ses wit­hin the Euro­pean Uni­on and out­side of Ger­ma­ny are exempt from VAT as intra-com­­mu­­ni­­ty deli­ve­ries in accordance with § 6a Ger­man VAT Law (UStG). A valid VAT ID num­ber of the desti­na­ti­on coun­try is required.

Export deli­ve­ries: Com­mer­cial cus­to­mers with deli­ve­ries to a coun­try out­side the Euro­pean Uni­on are exempt from VAT.

    Can I choo­se the colours of the devices mys­elf?2020–12-14T05:17:10+01:00

    Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, you can­not select colours indi­vi­du­al­ly. As a rule, we sell all arti­cles as a colour mix. Avail­ab­le colours are shown on the pro­duct pages.

    If you want devices in cer­tain colours, plea­se sta­te the colours you would like in your order. Devices are deli­ve­r­ed depen­ding on colour availability.

      Do I get a volu­me dis­count?2020–12-14T05:16:13+01:00

      The amount of volu­me dis­count is dis­play­ed on the pro­duct page. The dis­count varies as it is cal­cu­la­ted accord­ing to various cri­te­ria such as the total amount avail­ab­le and the avai­la­bi­li­ty of dif­fe­rent colours.

      If you need more than 50 units, we can give you an indi­vi­du­al quo­te. Plea­se con­ta­ct our cus­to­mer sup­port team.

        For how long are the pri­ces in the online shop valid?2020–12-14T05:15:10+01:00

        Offers are only valid as long as stocks last. If an arti­cle is out of stock, it is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly mar­ked as “sold out” in the online shop and can no lon­ger be ordered.

        Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, we can­not accept pro­vi­sio­nal reser­va­tions of stock.

          When will I recei­ve an invoice for my order?2020–12-14T05:14:07+01:00

          After pla­cing your order, you will recei­ve an order con­fir­ma­ti­on from us by email.

          You will recei­ve the offi­cial com­mer­cial invoice on the day your order is ship­ped. Your com­mer­cial invoice will also inclu­de the IMEI or seri­al num­bers of the devices you have ordered.

            Is the­re a mini­mum order value or a mini­mum purcha­se quan­ti­ty?2020–12-14T05:12:15+01:00

            The­re is no mini­mum order value. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, we can only accept orders for at least 10 units.

              When will I be able to access the online shop?2020–12-14T05:10:07+01:00

              Your per­so­nal log­in for the online shop will be acti­va­ted after the data you sub­mit­ted has been checked.

              On work­days, our cus­to­mer sup­port team will pro­cess your regis­tra­ti­on wit­hin 24 hours. We will con­firm your account has been acti­va­ted by email.

                Why can I not see any pri­ces in the online shop?2020–12-14T05:08:41+01:00

                Our pro­duct ran­ge is for tra­de cus­to­mers only. You can see up-to-date pri­ces after com­ple­ting your registration.

                  As an end-user, can I beco­me a new cus­to­mer?2021–04-19T15:00:16+02:00

                  We only deal with tra­de cus­to­mers. Regis­tra­ti­ons are only accep­ted with a valid com­pa­ny regis­tra­ti­on num­ber and a valid VAT number.

                  Non-busi­­ness cus­to­mers (pri­va­te indi­vi­du­als) are wel­co­me to use our ebay Shop.

                  Link to our ebay shop

                    How do I regis­ter as a new cus­to­mer?2020–12-14T05:03:09+01:00

                    You can regis­ter for our online shop as a tra­de cus­to­mer free of char­ge, with no obli­ga­ti­on. To do this, plea­se click on the “Online Shop” but­ton and start the regis­tra­ti­on pro­cess for new customers.

                    Plea­se note that your cus­to­mer account will only be acti­va­ted after your log­in details have been checked.

                      Can I can­cel my order after recei­ving it?2020–12-14T05:34:29+01:00

                      We only deal with tra­de cus­to­mers. You can­not return goods without pri­or agree­ment by us. Can­cel­la­ti­on using the Distance Sel­ling Act is excluded.

                      Plea­se also note our gene­ral terms and conditions.

                        How can I can­cel an exis­ting order?2020–12-14T05:33:40+01:00

                        All orders are bin­ding and must be accep­ted. Your order can­not be cancelled.

                        Plea­se also note our gene­ral terms and conditions.

                          Can I collect my order in per­son?2020–12-14T05:32:56+01:00

                          You can collect your order in per­son by pri­or appoint­ment. Plea­se con­ta­ct our cus­to­mer sup­port team to make an appointment.

                            Is the deli­very of my order insu­red?2020–12-14T05:31:30+01:00

                            Your order will be ship­ped without deli­very insuran­ce at the risk of the reci­pi­ent. If you would like deli­very insuran­ce, plea­se con­ta­ct our cus­to­mer sup­port team.

                            Plea­se also note our gene­ral terms and conditions.

                              How can I com­p­lain about a dama­ged deli­very?2020–12-14T05:29:23+01:00

                              Plea­se send com­p­laints of any kind to us immedia­te­ly and only in wri­ting by email using our RMA docu­ment.

                              In the event of dama­ge, visi­ble hard­ware or soft­ware pro­blems, we ask for pho­tos of the item you wish to return in which the error or errors can be clear­ly recognized.

                              Plea­se also note our gene­ral terms and conditions.

                              What does deli­very cost?2021–04-19T08:23:39+02:00

                              Packing and deli­very cos­ts for express ship­ping wit­hin Euro­pe are: 40 €
                              For express ship­ments wit­hin Ger­ma­ny we char­ge: 15 €

                              The cos­ts for stan­dard ship­ping wit­hin Euro­pe are: 25 €
                              We send DHL ship­ments wit­hin Ger­ma­ny for: 10 €

                              Orders of more than 5.000 € in value are deli­ve­r­ed free of char­ge wit­hin Europe.
                              Deli­very is car­ri­ed out as express shipping

                                How long should my order take to be deli­ve­r­ed?2020–12-14T05:22:16+01:00

                                In our online shop, you can choo­se bet­ween express and stan­dard shipping.

                                Express ship­ments wit­hin Euro­pe are deli­ve­r­ed wit­hin 24 hours on work­days. Deli­very is car­ri­ed out by our logistics part­ner: FedEx/TNT.

                                Orders using stan­dard ship­ping are deli­ve­r­ed by DHL wit­hin Euro­pe wit­hin 3–7 working days.

                                  Which logistics com­pa­ny do you use for deli­very?2020–12-14T05:21:33+01:00

                                  Express ship­ments wit­hin Euro­pe are dis­patched via our logistics part­ners: FedEx, DHL Express and UPS.

                                  Stan­dard ship­ping wit­hin Euro­pe is hand­led by DHL and GLS.

                                    Do the pro­ducts deli­ve­r­ed inclu­de packaging/accessories?2020–12-14T05:20:39+01:00

                                    Pri­ces shown in the online shop refer exclu­si­ve­ly to the devices with no pack­a­ging or accessories.

                                    High-qua­­li­­ty access­ories and indi­vi­du­al pack­a­ging solu­ti­ons for smart­pho­nes are avail­ab­le sepa­r­ate­ly in our online shop.

                                      Who bears the ship­ping cos­ts for retur­ned goods?2020–12-14T05:40:49+01:00

                                      The buy­er bears the ship­ping cos­ts for devices retur­ned under war­ran­ty. We bear the cos­ts for ship­ping after the repair or for ship­ping repla­ce­ment devices.

                                        How is a war­ran­ty claim pro­ces­sed?2020–12-14T05:39:08+01:00

                                        Plea­se only send us your claims in wri­ting by email. Plea­se use our RMA docu­ment for this. Plea­se also send us pho­tos of the item in ques­ti­on in which the error or errors can be clear­ly seen.

                                        Faul­ty items will be repai­red as part of the war­ran­ty. The repair will take place wit­hin 14 working days of recei­ving the item. If a repair is not pos­si­ble, the arti­cle will be exch­an­ged for an iden­ti­cal model.

                                        Refunds for devices under by war­ran­ty claims are not avail­ab­le. Plea­se also note our gene­ral terms and conditions.

                                          How long is the war­ran­ty on my goods?2020–12-14T05:38:07+01:00

                                          We give a 90 day war­ran­ty from the invoice date on all goods. For more details on war­ran­ty claims, plea­se refer to our gene­ral terms and conditions.

                                            Can I pay for my order in cash when I pick it up?2020–12-14T05:37:19+01:00

                                            You can collect your order in per­son by pri­or appoint­ment. You can choo­se to pay for your goods with an EC or credit card when you pick them up. We do not accept cash payments.

                                            Plea­se con­ta­ct our cus­to­mer sup­port team to make an appointment.

                                              What forms of pay­ment do you accept?2020–12-14T05:36:11+01:00

                                              Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, we only deli­ver to new cus­to­mers after pre­pay­ment is recei­ved. By pri­or appoint­ment, you can pay by EC or credit card pay­ment on site when collec­ting your order personally.

                                              We grant regu­lar cus­to­mers an indi­vi­du­al credit line and pay­ment terms by agree­ment. Plea­se con­ta­ct our cus­to­mer sup­port team for fur­ther details.

                                                Are new devices also avail­ab­le in the online shop?2020–12-14T06:32:38+01:00

                                                Sel­ling refur­bis­hed and used smart­pho­nes who­le­sa­le is our core busi­ness. We do not sell any new pro­ducts in the smart­pho­nes segment.

                                                We only sell new pro­ducts in the access­ories category.

                                                  In which coun­tries do the devices ori­gi­na­te?2020–12-14T06:31:46+01:00

                                                  Devices that are sub­ject to dif­fe­ren­ti­al taxa­ti­on in accordance with §25a of the Ger­man VAT Law (Umsatz­steu­er Gesetz) come exclu­si­ve­ly from Europe.

                                                  When sel­ling devices that are not sub­ject to dif­fe­ren­ti­al taxa­ti­on in accordance with
                                                  §25a of the Ger­man VAT Law (Umsatz­steu­er Gesetz), we also offer devices from the US mar­ket and Asia.

                                                    Are ori­gi­nal com­pon­ents used when refur­bis­hing?2020–12-14T06:30:44+01:00

                                                    We endea­vour to recon­di­ti­on the devices and car­ry out repairs using ori­gi­nal com­pon­ents only.

                                                    In iso­la­ted cases, we also use com­pon­ents that do not come from the ori­gi­nal manufacturer.

                                                      What is the bat­te­ry capa­ci­ty of the devices?2020–12-14T06:29:17+01:00

                                                      We gua­ran­tee a bat­te­ry capa­ci­ty of at least 80%.

                                                        Exact­ly how and what is che­cked on the devices?2020–12-14T06:28:15+01:00

                                                        The tech­ni­cal test pro­ce­du­re for all devices is car­ri­ed out using the latest smart­pho­ne test soft­ware. The fol­lowing func­tions and com­pon­ents are che­cked in detail:

                                                        - WiFi
                                                        — GPS
                                                        — Head­pho­ne input
                                                        — Battery
                                                        — Came­ra flash
                                                        — Mobi­le network
                                                        — Speaker
                                                        — SIM card holder
                                                        — Pro­xi­mi­ty sensors

                                                        - Blue­tooth
                                                        - Char­ging socket
                                                        - But­tons
                                                        - Came­ra
                                                        - Fin­ger­print & Face ID
                                                        - Micro­pho­ne
                                                        - LCD & Touch­screen
                                                        - 3G/4G & LTE
                                                        -Fin­ger sensors

                                                          What is the tech­ni­cal con­di­ti­on of the devices?2020–12-14T05:44:34+01:00

                                                          Regard­less of the con­di­ti­on, every device goes through a detail­ed func­tion test in our work­shop befo­re deli­very. The devices are care­ful­ly tes­ted by our tech­ni­ci­ans, and if necessa­ry refur­bis­hed and cleaned.

                                                          As a rule, we only sell tes­ted and ful­ly func­tio­n­al goods that are free from restric­tions of any kind such as iCloud, Goog­le, SIM locks, etc.

                                                            Can I request ori­gi­nal pho­tos of the devices befo­re I order?2020–12-14T05:43:40+01:00

                                                            We are hap­py to send you detail­ed pho­tos of indi­vi­du­al devices with no obli­ga­ti­on. Plea­se con­ta­ct our cus­to­mer sup­port team.

                                                              What is the opti­cal con­di­ti­on of the devices?2020–12-14T05:42:30+01:00

                                                              We sell smart­pho­nes in four gra­des: A+, A, B and C.
                                                              Gra­de: A+ repres­ents the hig­hest qua­li­ty con­di­ti­on with no noti­ce­ab­le signs of use. The signs of use of the devices in sub­se­quent cate­go­ries, A, B and C, visi­b­ly increase.

                                                              For detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on, plea­se refer to our over­view on gra­ding condition.

                                                                Questions or suggestions? Give us a call!

                                                                Our team is avail­ab­le Mon­day to Fri­day from: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at:

                                                                +49 (0)89 — 3608 9230

                                                                +49 (0)176 — 4789 7605

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